Who are we?

Here is the start of the Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields Newsletter No.2 from March 1989:

Dear Friends


Since we issued our last newsletter, we are happy to report that our membership has greatly increased, so for the benefit of our new members I would like to confirm the aims of our association.


Who are we?


We are a group of people concerned about the preservation and conservation of Childwall, and especially the Woods and Fields, who have formed a non political association to further our cause.


Our organisation is recognised by the City Council as representing a body of opinion in the area regarding matters relating to Preservation and Conservation.  The more members we have, the greater will be our influence.

30 years on from that newsletter and our aims have widened and our vision become clearer, crystallising into the mission statement you see below.


Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields

 Mission Statement

Our Focus

 The 39-acre, Local Nature Reserve of Childwall Woods and Fields, its biodiversity, sustainability, improvement and protection.

Our Vision

For the natural environment of Childwall Woods and Fields Local Nature Reserve to thrive, be respected by visitors and be protected for future generations.

Our Aims

  1. We will enable and encourage sustainable use of the LNR by local people and seek their support for FCWF in its conservation work.


  1. We will develop and implement our habitat management plans and deliver life-enriching events for the local community.


  1. We will provide educational events to improve public understanding of the natural environment within the LNR.


  1. We will seek ways to maximise the social value of the LNR, by promoting the natural environment as a refuge from modern life, realising its potential contribution to mental and physical well-being


  1. We will work with like-minded organisations and other interested people, especially those with expertise, relevant to the management of the site, in order to make best use of the LNR.


  1. We will liaise with local educational establishments to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.


  1. We will aim to be fully inclusive, providing access to all, and incorporate this aim in our development plans.
  1. We will work to secure the long-term viability of the LNR, acquiring and investing sufficient funding to ensure the LNR will continue to benefit all users of the site


  1. We will continue to work with Liverpool City Council as land owners to maximise the benefits of the LNR as a community resource.


Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields were recognised in 2018 by the Echo Environment Awards where we were a finalist in the Neighbourhood improvement Project Awards.


In 2021 we were the winners 

Some faces from committees past and present enjoying an evening at the Awards Ceremony


 The FCWF Committee Christmas Dinner at the Childwall Abbey Hotel December 2019

Left to Right: Pam Leadbeater ( Vice-Chair), Rachael Turpin (Wife of Secretary Ben, but hiding behind Pam) Ben Turpin (Secretary). David Howatson (Treasurer). David Holland (President), Jeanette McCombs (Wife of the FCWF Chair), John McCombs (FCWF Chair), Margaret Weighill, (Wife of Secretary Andrew), Andrew Weighill (Secretary), Colin Cameron ( Husband of Secretary Brenda).

Left to Right: Margaret Weighill (Wife of Secretary Andrew), Andrew Weighill ( Secretary), Colin Cameron (Husband of Secretary Brenda), Brenda Cameron ( Secretary), Pam Leadbeater (Vice-Chair), Rachael Turpin (Wife of Secretary Ben), Ben Turpin (Secretary), David Howatson (Treasurer).



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