Birds – Photo Gallery

Thank you to all the photographers who have brightened our day with these wonderful images.
Danny Carmichael spotted quite a few birds down at the small newt pond on Tuesday 7th Feb.  You might know them.


Did you spot the male Blackbird, Thrush, Chaffinch, squirrel (how did that get in there), Nuthatch, and a Tree Creeper?  What’s the last one????
Andy Scott took the beautiful images below.


A Bullfinch Jan 23 Andy Scott

Long Tailed Tit A Scott Jan ’23

A Robin A Scott Jan ’23

Two Goldcrests            A Scott Jan ’23

Siskin     A Scott Jan ’23

A male Kestrel         A Scott Jan ’23


Danny Carmichael, Childwall Woods 11/4/21

Danny Carmichael got an action shot of the woodpecker.
Notice the wood chips flying around.
John Walton sent in this lovely image of a treecreeper.


A Treecreeper  – John Walton -April 2021
The latest photo of a nuthatch shows it is back in our veteran tree. Let’s hope there are 2.  Thanks Danny Carmichael for capturing this.


A nuthatch – March 2021 – Danny Carmichael.


 Mike Barlow took these breathtaking photos of the Kestrel in January (2021).

Yes, he seems to be having mouse for dinner. A wonderful sight.


Mike also sent in these brilliant photos of Siskins and Redpolls which he took in February 2021 on the fields.


Gill Griffiths gave us these magical images of redpolls enjoying a snack in February (2021).





Danny Carmichael sent us some incredible pictures of goldcrests on the fields, also in February (2021).


Here are some remarkable photos taken on the site recently ( 14th Feb 2021) by Andy Scott  

A feast of redpolls and a siskin



Here is our Childwall Woods and Fields Buzzard paying a visit to our neighbours at Lime Pictures.

Photos courtesy of Cal Sedgwick, Lime Pictures.


Nuthatches nesting in the Veteran Sweet Chestnut at the end of the carriageway.

(Best seen on full screen) B.Cameron


Danny Carmichael has sent us some more brilliant photos of birds on our fields in January ’22

D.Carmichael Jan ’22

A Long-Tailed Tit

D. Carmichael Jan ’22

A siskin enjoying the seeds from last year’s alder cones.

   A thrush in the woods. January ’22 (D.Carmichael)

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