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As a result of the damage caused by storm Arwen on the 26th of November 2021, future events have been delayed until the damaged and dangerous trees on the site have been made safe by Liverpool City Council, the landowners.


A programme of upcoming events will be posted here as soon as possible so keep checking. 



Recent Events – See what we have been doing.

23rd January 2022 – Maintenance and Conservation Event, Path Clearance. To see what was cleared and who cleared it click here.

21st November 2021 FCWF Maintenance and Conservation event. Planting for the spring. Click Here to see what we did. 

14th November 2021 – History Walk – The Hidden History of Childwall Woods and Fields. We met at 12 noon by the main gates and had a stroll around the site looking at the relics of a previous time. This event was so popular it will be repeated in the spring. Click here to see what we did.

17th October 2021 – Maintenance and Conservation Event – Tree Planting. Find out what went on. 

3rd October 2021 – Silhouette Art Event. a creative art event for children to use their imagination and observation to create silhouette pictures of the woods. To see what happened click here

26th September 2021–  Volunteer session led by Earthworks Liverpool See the Volunteer Page

19th September 2021–  FCWF Maintenance and Conservation event. See what we did

5th September 2021The VeteranTrees of Childwall Woods – A guided tour around the woods looking at the unique trees and fungi that make the site so special. Find out more HERE

1st August 2021 Maintenance and Conservation Event – cut back branches and brambles narrowing the paths. To see what happened click HERE

22nd July 2021 – 12 noon -3.30. – Community Event with Hope University Community Engagement Team, Childwall in Bloom, South Childwall Residents Association, Rubbish Friends (litter picking group), Childwall Abbey School,  All Saints Church, and Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields. Click HERE to see what went on

27th December 2020 – Rhododendron Bashing – Committee and Volunteers. A group of 12 tackled the invading Rhododendrons near Woolton Rd. For more information and to see what was done click HERE.

13th September 2020Maintenance Event – Committee only.  A small socially distanced group of committee members doing a few maintenance jobs.  Click HERE to see what we did.

22nd March 2020 – Mother’s Day Planting of 750 Wildflowers on the top field. Not a public event but essential planting to ensure the fields are an inviting habitat for butterflies and bees in the months ahead. Click HERE.

8th March 2020 – Litter Pick and Conservation Event – Clearing the area of litter and the entrance to the carriageway of brambles while continuing to plant the barrier along Childwall Abbey Road. For more details and photographs click HERE

23rd February 2020 – Maintenance Event – 60 Holly Bushes were planted on the boundary of Childwall Abbey Road. See the photos HERE

25th January 2020 Japanese Knotweed Bashing – The Maintenance and Conservation Team flattened all the knotweed on the fields to expose the new shoots (when they appear) ready for spraying with herbicide.  Click HERE to see what went on. This event was closed to the public due to safety implications.

12th January 2020 – Litter Pick and Maintenance Event – A good event that left the whole area looking better. Click HERE to find out more.

3rd January 2020 Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland – New Year Plant Hunt. – Some of the FCWF committee members took the challenge of hunting for wildflowers in bloom on this day in January in Childwall Woods and Fields. For more information and to see the results click HERE

15th December – Beat the Winter Blues walk – You don’t need a prescription to walk in Childwall Woods. A walk to lift your spirits and celebrate the wonderful secrets of the woods. Click HERE to see what we found.

8th DecemberLitter Pick – Around the Triangle and down Childwall Abbey Road. The results can be seen by clicking HERE.

10th November – Litter pick –  Three teams of volunteers worked their usual magic, making the litter disappear. Click HERE for the photos

27th OctoberNight-Walk through Childwall Woods and Fields. The weather was kind to the group of nightwalkers who braved the dark woods with its bioluminescent fungi and silent nightlife. To find out more click HERE.

20th October 2019Bulb Planting – Over 300 bulbs and Rhizomes of native woodland flowers were planted in the woods by our gang of volunteers. To see what went on click HERE.

13th October 2019Litter Pick – Volunteers cleared detritus from the area, some clearing the triangle and Childwall Abbey Road,  while others cleared the carriageway and the woods. For more details and pictures click HERE

26th May -26th SeptemberPhotography Competition – Now closed. To see all the entries and find out who won, go to the Photography Competition page.

22nd September 2019 The History Walk. Not even the persistent drizzle could stop us from finding the hidden history of the site. For photos and more click HERE

8th September 2019Litter Pick and Maintenance Event.  Volunteers cleaned up Childwall Triangle and the woods while others cleared a wide path throughout the carriageway. For pictures of this event click HERE

18th August – Art Event to Commemorate the landing on the moon 50 years ago. –  A lovely time was had by all learning about the moon landing and cutting and sticking. To see the great silhouette pictures that were made click HERE

11th AugustLitter pick – Childwall Triangle and the woods were cleared. To see the before and after pictures along with the crew who did it click HERE

21st JulyPath Clearance – The maintenance team and most of the committee cut back the brambles and nettles off the paths on the Childwall Fields. For more about this event and photos click HERE

14th July Litter Pick – Childwall Abbey Road, Childwall Triangle and the Woods. For pictures and report click HERE

6th July – Rudston Road Primary School Summer Fayre –  We shared information about Childwall Woods and Fields with many interested visitors to the busy school fayre and made some new ‘friends’ as well. Click HERE

30th June BeHomesIn a clearing in the woods a variety of wonderful homes for solitary bees were created. Bee mansions to little bee mobile homes were constructed for the solitary bees of Childwall.  To see the creations click HERE

For information about Solitary Bees click HERE

9th June – Litter pick – An hours litter pick through the woods cleared 17 bags of litter from the site.  Car seats, rusted metal cones and dozens of bottles were removed  A good hours work by any measure. For Photos and more details 

9th JuneOpen Garden Event organized by Childwall in Bloom-  A most enjoyable afternoon. For more details

4/6/19AGM – In spite of downpours all day a very successful AGM was had at Hope University. A new committee was voted in and our guest speaker, Mr Paul Rooney gave a very interesting talk about the site.

12/5/19Spring Clean 2019 – Childwall Abbey Road and the Childwall Triangle, then on into the woods. Details and photos here.

14/4/19 – Spring Clean 2019- Childwall Lane and Countisbury Drive were both picked clean by volunteers who then continued into the woods and fields. – (For details and photos)

31/3/19 – Mothers Day, Wild Flower Planting. Led by Carlee, see photos

24/3/19 – TREES4Kids – Sapling Planting – led by Carlee – see photos
10/3/19 – Litter pick – see photos
19/2/19 – Site Maintenance Day, Bramble Clearance, Trust for Conservation Volunteers, led by Carlee – see photos
10/2/19 – Litter pick – see photos
3/2/19 – Japanese Knotweed Clearance – see photos
13/1/19 – Litter pick – see photos

25/11/18 – Nature Walk with poetry and art, led by Pam
28/10/18 – Rhododendron Clearance & Practical Conservation Day, led by Adam
30/9/18 – Building Insect Homes, led by Carlee
1/8/18 – Give Nature a Home with the RSPB
23/5/18 – Annual General meeting
12/5/18 – Bees and Butterflies Craft and Conservation Session
see photos
7/4/18 – Site Maintenance Day, led by Lancashire Wildlife Trust
24/3/18 – Site Maintenance Day, led by Lancashire Wildlife Trust
3/3/18 – Site Maintenance Day
3/2/18 – Site Maintenance Day
20/1/18 – Site Maintenance Daysee photos
7/1/18 – Pudding Walksee photos
26/11/17 – Litter Pick
29/10/17 – Hedgehog Homessee photos

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