Past Volunteer Sessions

With Earthworks Liverpool.

The Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields have been supported by several organisations to carry out their programme of habitat and access improvements in our Local Nature Reserve.

As part of this programme, Kevin Curran of EARTHWORKS LIVERPOOL has been running volunteer activity days to improve the biodiversity of the various habitats.

Volunteers working with Kevin engaged in a wide range of woodland management activities, including removal of dominant species to encourage natural regeneration, sensitive cutting back of overgrown paths and planting of native trees and woodland wildflowers.

The  Earthworks Liverpool sessions have now come to an end 

The work done by Kevin and his team of volunteers has made a tremendous difference to our site and Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields thank them for the wonderful work that they have done.

Here are a few photos of some of the sessions in progress.

Cal and Lynsey removing beech saplings.

Ian and David removing slightly bigger beech trees.

Some of the volunteers learned how to construct a dead hedge.


A huge THANK YOU to Kevin (Earthworks Liverpool) and all of his volunteers.


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