The Dipping Pond

Diggers arrived on the top field in February 2022

Although five depressions were created in the hope of some of them becoming ponds and scrapes, only one survived, the dipping pond, but it has not disappointed us.

Named ‘The Dipping Pond,’ as it is ideal for pond dipping, being shallow enough to attract many different creatures who enjoy shallow pond edges. A dipping platform was built for that purpose and to create a safe platform for wheelchair users and children to enjoy the activity safely (under supervision).

Only created in February ’22, the Dipping Pond has astounded everyone with the wildlife that has made it their home.

The images below can tell the story.

February ’22 – There was always a puddle here but Lancashire Wildlife Trust carefully enlarged it allowing the runoff from the woods to collect and form a new large shallow pond.

19th February 2022

March ’22- Just one month old and it has already been colonised.

26th March 2022

The common pond skaters (Gerris lacustris) appear.

April ’22 – As the weather warms a slight haze of green appears around the pond, as meadowsweet, buttercups, and countless seeds begin to grow

6th April 2022

Whirligig beetles and water boatmen were spotted for the first time.

May ’22  Spring arrived at the pond. Vegetation has sprung up everywhere. Notice the fence and the dipping platform have been built.

20th May ’22 An adult palmate newt was seen for the first time in the pond. Their time to mate in standing water. In 2022 they found our pond.

June ’22– Vegetation appears everywhere, even in the pond.

25th June 2022

The pond has been noticed from above and mallards are regular visitors

Now many different species of water creatures can be seen in the pond. Newtlets and diving beetles.

Throughout the summer months, the pond became the centre of activity for many invertebrates, birds, and aquatic wildlife.

May Fly Larvae

Pond Skater

Common Darter

Ruddy Darter (Female)

Broad Bodied Chaser (Female)

Our first froglet

A Newtlet 24-6-23

An Adult Palmate Newt 24-6-23

Keep an eye on this page to see what visited or set up home there.

Brenda Cameron

Photographs are the author’s own unless indicating otherwise.



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