The History Walk, November

6th November 2022

The hidden history of Childwall Woods and Fields was revealed to a group of 25 people on Sunday, as we braved the showers to hear from Brenda about the beginnings of Childwall Woods and the changes that have shaped the fields.

We heard about the Gascoyne family and their predecessors, how the woods had once been the grounds of the grand Childwall Hall, and the impact man has had on the area.

The curved, sunken carriageway is always worth exploring as well as being a ‘Regionally Important Geological Site’.  Although designed for horsedrawn carriages it has the feel of a country lane. Not a common experience in a city.

We explored the folly, a sunken garden from centuries ago, with evergreen plants and trees to keep it shady and green throughout the year.  Then we heard about the tragedy behind Horses Hill.

With old maps and historic photos, it was possible to find the remains of the second Lodge, which was once the only way into the estate on foot.

With so many reminders hidden in plain view, it isn’t hard to imagine the grandeur of the site in its heyday.

Trustees Present:

Brenda Cameron   Secretary and event leader.

David Holland     President

Andrew Scott

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