Members-Only Evening Nature Photography Walk, Friday 5 July.


Ten CWF members met at main Lodge entrance on Friday evening to join Friends’ Trustees Izzy Hurdle and Andrew Scott for a guided group photography walk in Childwall Woods and Fields.  Despite the earlier forecast of rain, the weather gods were kind.  The group had a wide range of camera equipment and photography experience – some had the latest digital cameras, others small compacts or camera phones.  But what we all shared was a love of nature and a curiosity about what we might find as we explored the woods and top field.

  Our suggested theme was ‘Colour, Shape and Texture’ but these were just ‘pegs’ to stimulate us to really look, share ideas and maybe see things differently.

We started by walking down the carriageway where moss, rocks, roots and ferns abound in the gloom.  Challenging conditions for photography but some wonderful subjects. Then it was on the light and openness of the top field with its abundance of wildflowers – marsh orchids, meadow sweet, meadow cranesbill, knapweeds and teasel.

Afterwards, everyone agreed it had been enjoyable and worthwhile – for the photography, and for the sociability of a friendly group being together discovering nature.    The group was invited to send in their own favourite shots and our intention is to put these on the CWF website.

It is certainly an event that we plan to repeat.  Look out for the next one.  Why not join us?

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