Maintenance and Conservation on The Top Field

We have a problem at Childall Woods and Fields. The fields are slowly turning into woodland.

We have to strike a delicate balance between a wild place and a managed
space in order to achieve the varied habitat that is so important to the fauna and flora of the site.

P Leadbeater

A group of 20 volunteers made their way to the top field to begin the delicate task of reducing the number of trees that were growing there.

B Cameron

Many of the volunteers chose a small sapling to tuck into a pot and take away with them ready to replant in a better spot next year.

No one likes to destroy trees but with the meadow turning into a wooded area it was time to step in.

P Leadbeater

Not all the trees could be saved and sadly some of the larger saplings had to be cut.

B Cameron

The volunteers worked hard to remove the smaller trees by hand.

Backbreaking work but necessary to keep the fields for the wildflowers and all the invertebrates, bees, butterflies and small mammals that need that habitat to live.

John McCombs

A great chance for a social moment when all the work is finished. After the scone and cuppa obviously.

Thanks to all our volunteers for giving your time to us on Sunday, and of course to our master baker Mrs McCombs.

You too can join us on the third Sunday of the month at 1pm every month. Keep an eye on the website to see what we will be doing next.

Trustees attending

Ian Heady     –    Event  leader

John McCombs

David Howatson

David Holland

Pam Leadbeater

Andrew Weighill

Andy Scott

Brenda Cameron  –  Author.


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