The Night Walk.

Sunday  4th September. 
Childwall Woods is a Local Nature Reserve owned by Liverpool City Council and as such has by-laws which prohibit entry after sunset. This is essential for the many nocturnal residents to get on with their business undisturbed.
However, permission was granted to Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields for the night walk to go ahead.

And there was a great turnout despite the damp forecast.

The bat detectors worked overtime across the frequency range.

Here under a known bat roost which didn’t disappoint.

The pond is a great attraction for bats as a feeding area and there were sitings of many bats as well as constant echo locations across the range.

Even the rain didn’t put the bats off their hunting along the carriageway. Their echo locations could still be heard loud and clear on the bat detector.

Owl pellets were taken apart to look at the diet of our owls, and the tiny bones of rodents discovered.

All part of our mission engaging, educating and reconnecting people with nature.

Trustees present

John McCombs – Chair – Event Leader

David Howatson – Treasurer

Brenda Cameron – Secretary

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