Path Widening

Although there are some wonderful paths in Childwall Woods it’s a continuous battle to keep them open. Nettles and brambles reach across them constantly making walking difficult and occasionally a tree will drop a branch making it impossible to pass.

All of these hazards were the focus of the Maintenance and Conservation event this Sunday

An old beech had dropped a branch on the perimeter path pushing over two younger trees and blocking a smaller path. Ian, using his super-human powers and a saw, forged a new path through the debris so that you would hardly notice there had been a problem.

The task for the volunteers on this hot sunny afternoon was to wage war on the paths nearest to the main gates. Slowly narrowing with bramble and nettle they became the target of the group.

A small but determined group of volunteers bashed, cut and trampled the offending vegetation until the paths were safe to walk again.

Not an easy task but made so much more enjoyable by doing it in such good company.

What better than a coffee and cake with Friends before heading off home.

Why dont you come and join us next time?

Trustees present. 

Ian Headey           Event Leader

David Howatson

Andrew Weighill

Brenda Cameron  Photos and author.

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