Himalayan Balsam Bashing

Himalayan Balsam is the pretty purple and white flower that now floods the lower fields, growing through bramble and nettle and under the trees on the plantation.
It is phenomenally invasive as the seeds can be flipped 5 metres from the 2.5m high parent by a clever explosive spring mechanism. 30 seeds in each flower, 50 flowers to a plant. 1500 seeds!!!
Nothing grows under the heavy leaf cover (except bramble)
15 sturdy volunteers braved the nettle and bramble to pull out and cut back the flowering stems before the seeding this weekend, stopping the spread onto the top field and wiping out a huge patch on the middle field.
It was followed up with a relaxed blackberry pick and stroll back for coffee/tea and very fresh scones from Jeanette.
Thank you again to all our valued friends and supporters.
Trustees present
John McCombs
Andrew Weighill
Ian Headey       Event leader and author
David Howatson
Andy Scott
Brenda Cameron
Photographs – Ian Headey

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