Pond Dipping and Craft Event

Although the weather seemed a little uncertain at first, thankfully, by the time we met up at the Countisbury Drive entrance, it was completely dry.
Whilst Brenda was checking everyone in, Pam welcomed everyone and gave out some butterfly identification sheets to use along the route to the ’secret’ pond, where we hoped to see some butterflies and dragonflies.

A small group spotted a beautiful bright blue damselfly sitting on a reed and saw a soldier beetle. Brenda gave an interesting talk about the life cycle of a dragonfly and then the children set off to their various activities.
One group met up with David, our ecologist, who was waiting patiently by the ‘dipping pond,’ eager to show the children some of the tiny creatures that live there, while Brenda gave out some nets and magnifiers to help with their observations.

A Dragonfly nymph

A Dragonfly Nymph

All the children did really well, catching a variety of newts and pond skaters, and with a bit of help from David they saw a dragonfly nymph, a water snail, a water flea and a Sheild beetle that must have fallen in.

The other group of children met up with Pam at the red gazebo where she demonstrated how to make a model of a dragonfly out of recyclable materials, whilst David Howatson who had assisted with the setting up at the beginning, gave out craft tape etc. for the task at hand.

Some of the younger ones, painted some ‘magic’ butterfly pictures, whilst parents helped with the cutting out of dragonfly wings, alongside the children.
After some well-earned refreshments for everyone, including butterfly cakes, generously donated by Morrisons, the children then swapped groups to complete their next activity.

Parents joined in the fun and the children went home with a ‘Certificate of thanks’ from the ‘Friends of Childwall Woods & Fields,’  their hand-made dragonflies waving in the air.

A memorable day was had by all.
Many thanks are given for:
Transportation of gazebos & equipment by: Andrew Weighill, David Howatson, Andy Scott, David Holland, Brenda & Colin Cameron, Pam & John Leadbeater.
Refreshments etc: Tesco (water & bananas) Asda (fairy cakes & scissors) Morrisons (butterfly cakes etc)
Certificate DesignPaul Hunt
Many thanks to all the parents who assisted on the day too.
Pam Leadbeater
Event organiser and author



Trustees present 
Pam Leadbeater – Event Leader
David Holland
David Howatson
Brenda Cameron


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