The Wildflower Walk ’23

At this time of year, it’s always wonderful to walk in the woods and on the fields, particularly when being guided by Matt Jones the FCWF ecologist.
These are some of the plants that they saw:
Spindle, Common Spotted Orchid, Raspberry, Hornbeam, Meadowsweet, Creeping and Meadow Buttercups, Marsh Thistle, Devils Bit Scabious, Hairy Sedge, Oval Sedge, Redshank, Marsh Cudweed, Southern Marsh Orchid, Common Sorrel, Alder,  Tongue Gall
Here are some photos from the wildflower walk on Thursday 15th June.

Trustees Present
Matt Jones – Event Leader
Andy Scott
David Howatson
Pam Leadbeater – Photographs


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