Hedgerow planting along Childwall Lane, 17th March 2024

Hedgerows are important for wildlife; you might have noticed them increasingly mentioned because they increase biodiversity and provide habitats for animals and plants.

We don’t have a lot of hedgerows at Childwall Woods and Fields, but the one we do have on Childwall Lane is historic.  This is one of the ancient lanes of the area and it was here long before any houses were built.  





But the hedge is thin and needs replanting and managing to increase its thickness to help our birds and other wildlife, as well as improve the aesthetics along the lane with flowering trees.

Part one of the plan was this planting event.






It was a great success: 15 volunteers planted over 300 hedgerow plants in just 2 hours – hawthorn, blackthorn and rowan among them – fuelled by tea, coffee and cake, and good conversation.

Part of the path was also diverted to protect the newly planted saplings.






What made the event particularly significant was the active and eager participation of the residents of Childwall Lane.  We thank them and all the volunteers.

Special thanks too, to Ian Headey for organising and consulting the residents, Isabelle Hurdle for sourcing the trees and to Mersey Forest for supplying them.

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