Bramble Clearing

An amazing crew of 18 volunteers turned out on Sunday 16th April, even under
grey skies and damp conditions.

The invading brambles in the main entrance field were tackled again to expose the struggling bluebells that used to thrive here.

A large portion of the cuttings was piled to define the paths temporarily to give the bluebells a chance in other worn areas further up the path.

This will possibly be an ongoing project for Tuesday’s volunteer “Diggers” group to continue, maybe to open this into a fully grassed field again.

The Scones and coffee were consumed enthusiastically just before the rain re-commenced

Thanks to all that turned out and to the refreshment providers

Trustees Present

Ian Headey  –  Event leader  – Author

Pam Leadbeater

John McCombs

Andrew Weighill

David Howatson

Brenda Cameron

Photos – Ian, Pam and Brenda


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