Spring Flowers art and craft event for children between 5 and 12 years.

Spring was certainly in the air last Sunday and what a lovely day it was to explore Childwall Woods, searching and identifying the woodland flowers which grow there.

Whilst Helen checked in those arriving, Pam chose a health & safety helper, whose role was to warn everyone of any oncoming bikes or dogs using a hand-held squeaky puppet.

Then they set off with their identification sheets & observed the shapes & colours of a variety of woodland flowers & leaves.
Some, of course, had not yet flowered, such as the protected native bluebells & hawthorn blossom to name but two.   

Luckily the children spotted some early dog violets, marsh marigolds & smelled the leaves of wild garlic along the route.

Pam explained that ‘dandelion’ came from the French word ‘dent-de-lion’ translating as ‘ tooth of a lion.’

Not forgetting the blossoms of the blackthorn and of course, the smaller ‘tete-à-têtes’ or (head to head) narcissi, before setting off over the bridge to the gazebo for some well earned refreshments.

A quick demonstration of recreating daffodils and bluebells took place before Helen handed out their creative packs of Easter baskets & buckets.

The parents and grandparents helped out and with intense concentration, some beautiful flower recreations were produced.

Andrew and David helped the children plant some wildflower seeds into small pots to take home alongside certificates and a chocolate Easter Egg, which was mainly kindly donated by Tesco’s Woolton.


Many thanks to:
John L, John (Chair) Andrew & David for transporting equipment.
Helen for all her assistance on the day & setting up of refreshments.                                                    Cherie for helping with the children.
Brenda & Josie for printing certificates, ID sheets etc
Morrisons for water, biscuits & 5 Freddo Choc Eggs etc
Wilko’s for Pritt sticks
Iceland for 2 matching choc eggs, biscuits & fruit juice
Tesco’s Woolton for small bottles of water & 13 Easter Eggs.


Trustees Present

Pam Leadbeater – Event leader and author

David Howatson

Andrew Weighill


Photographs – Helen Minett



April 7th – Becky


I just wanted to say a big thank you for the spring flowers craft event on 2nd April. Myself and my son always throughly enjoys these sessions. Pam and Helen are wonderful hosts – they and the other volunteers makes such a big effort to include everyone, and to both educate and entertain us. I always walk away with a smile on my face from these sessions both from my own enjoyment of learning something new and getting to have a relaxing ramble in the woods, as well as from seeing my son have a lovely time making friends and taking pride in helping out as the health and safety helper.


April 14th – Julie

We had a lovely day at childwall woods with the grandchildren. Pam, Helen and the volunteers were amazing. We learnt alot about the forest and the names of the amazing flowers . There was lots of arts and crafts activities for the children and adults to do. It was a really good interactive day.
The children received snacks an easter egg and certificate after the session had finished .Thanks to pam and the team for an amazing day.


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