Planting Wildflowers

Setch. Cowslip. Ragged Robin. Knapweed. Greater Burnet.
What a fantastic collection of wildflower plugs to get growing on our top field.
And what a fantastic and varied crew to plant them on Sunday afternoon.
About 24 volunteers this week.
Some were planted in long grass in straight rows
Some planted in short
grass in batches and protected with pegged down netting to keep off
Yes – Predators. The magpies were watching and waiting till we had gone
to ‘oik the precious babies out of their nests to get at the worms beneath.
A special thank you to Kevin and Adam, who gave a very good impression
that they knew what they were doing.

And a special thank you to our
volunteers prepared to risk sunburn on the day.



Trustees present 

Ian Heady            – Volunteer leader and author

Andrew Weighill  – Secretary

David Howatson – Treasurer

Brenda Cameron – Website Secretary

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