Spring Clean Part 2. May 12th

The war on litter continues…

Childwall Triangle

Childwall Abbey Road

The sunshine provided a warm welcome to the trustees, local councillors and public volunteers who mustered in preparation for the day’s assault on litter.

In front of the shops

They donned their high-vis uniforms and after discussing tactics, enthusiastically attacked the entrenched enemy along Taggart Avenue, the service road behind the shops and along Childwall Abbey Road.

Several local business owners were inquisitive and engaged to explain the who, the what and the why of the event. The majority were positive and supportive with drinks being offered by the friendly staff of the Turkish Barbers.

The side of the shops. Couldn’t be cleaner.

Volunteers down Childwall Abbey Rd

Not everyone was persuaded that litter isn’t just “someone else’s problem”. It was argued that community action can change attitudes and work to prevent littering through cultural change.

A big thank you to Mrs McCombs for making the scones. Again.

A short break for some very welcome refreshments and a great deal of chatting (networking!) followed.

Stage two; a patrol through the woods to pick up any debris deposited since last month and to ensure a positive experience to our visitors. 

It was a stunningly beautiful day and seeing the lush green and red tree leaves against the azure blue skies was a joy to behold.

Every path litter free

The accumulative efforts of the volunteers were much in evidence with the major paths free of litter.

Our next efforts will be targeting several hidden hotspots. And will require the heavy artillery of our newly acquired wheelbarrows, trolleys and spades.

Hope springs eternal and our ambition is undiminished. Our precious refuge from modernity will soon be a source of community pride and an asset prized by all.



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