Butterfly Art Event for Children aged 5-12yrs

Fourteen children turned up with parents for our Butterfly Craft Event, despite the forecast and made their way into the woods, spotting butterflies along the way.

We showed the children the ways to identify a range of species using a ‘species identification sheet.’
They were so excited when they saw a butterfly that matched a particular species on their sheet and were again excited to find further examples out on the fields. (the second part of the walk)

Pam was helped by one of the children who quickly passed on information about possible trip hazards to the group who were following behind, whilst Helen kept a watchful eye from the back.

When the rain came, Andrew & David thankfully, saved the day by covering the seats with the tarpaulin in the outdoor area before we arrived.

The children learnt the four stages of the ‘Life Cycle of a Butterfly’ before beginning their first creative activity of making their pastel butterfly pictures.

Then it was time for refreshments, kindly provided by Morrisons of Belle Vale. The butterfly & caterpillar cakes soon disappeared and then it was time to make a giant butterfly to take home.

Pam’s friend Cathy, had found the ideal material to use, which the children were fascinated with, as it changed colours when the wings moved.

With their mum’s help, some of the younger children were able to paint some butterflies, and, to their amazement, ‘as if by magic’ the colours suddenly appeared in the wings as soon as the wet brushes
touched the paper!

The children then received a Friend’s of Childwall Woods Certificate to take home with their hand-made butterfly.

Many thanks to Ian, Andrew, David, John and Josie for setting up and dismantling.

Thanks to Helen for all her assistance throughout the event.

Brenda for butterfly pictures.

Morrisons, Belle Vale, for refreshments and John Leadbeater for transporting equipment and practical help.


Photographs by Pam Leadbeater and Helen Minett


Trustees Present

Pam Leadbeater  – Vice Chair – Activity Leader

Andrew Weighill – Secretary

David Howatson – Treasurer

John McCombs – Chair

Ian Heady – Volunteer lead



  1. These events are invaluable, not just for the children who, it seems, were given an insight into the beauty of the natural world, but for all of us as future generations grow to appreciate the complexity of nature but the fun they had. They will remember days like this.

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