Path Clearance

17th July 2022

A special event was scheduled to take place in the woods and fields this week. There was to be a special event with children from Henshaws, an organisation supporting people with sight loss and a range of other disabilities.

To ensure the safety of this group, our volunteers sprung into action, widening paths and making the area safe for visually impaired visitors to pass.

Our volunteers did a fabulous job widening the path in the dell and creating a wider step down for our visitors.

We were hoping to do some pond dipping with our guests, so the pond area needed a good weeding and tidy-up. Which it got.

Grass growing up through the water was pulled out in one section so that our visitors could do a bit of pond dipping and the bindweed from the edges was carefully removed to allow our beautiful wildflowers to grow.

As if that wasn’t enough, some of the team went off widening and opening up some of the larger paths on the site freeing them from brambles and nettles.

Everyone deserved their scones, doing such a brilliant job in such high temperatures.

Although Jeanette couldn’t be there, our master baker still made her wonderful scones and sent them along for Pam to serve in her absence. Many thanks as usual Jeanette.  They went down a treat.

Some of the team enjoyed the refreshments after the event.

Thank you team for such a performance on a blistering hot day.

If you would like to become a FCWF volunteer, email

Committee present at the event

Ian Heady – Volunteer Leader,

David Holland – President

Pam Leadbeater – Vice Chair – Photographer

John McCombs – Chair

David Howatson – Treasurer

Andrew Weighill – Secretary

Brenda Cameron – Secretary.  Author.


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