Plug planting – the last 600

Maintenance and Conservation Event,
Sunday 19th June 2022

With the planting season coming to an end a final push was given to get the last trays of wildflowers into the top field.

Our wonderful volunteers showed up as usual with dibbers and trowels and the last trays of wildflowers were brought onto the field

The ground is rock hard here on the top field when it’s dry, and it certainly was dry. Power tools were used to make holes suitable for the planting and very soon the plugs were going in at a rate of knots.

The long grass had to be removed to allow plugs to be planted in some areas, and then the last of the Knapweed, cowslips and vetch plugs were planted.

As with the other plugs, netting was placed over the area to discourage the magpies who could hardly wait for us to go so that they could pull out the plugs and poke around in the holes for dinner.

The volunteers had their minds on food too as they had already caught sight of Jeanette’s magnificent scones.

A well-deserved treat after planting 600 plugs.

A short walk back to the scone gate and time for a chat and a laugh.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for the dedication shown in getting the planting done, and of course a big thank you to Jeanette for all the refreshments waiting for us at the end of the event.

If you would like to join our gang of happy volunteers let Ian know, he’s our volunteer leader.

Trustees Present

John McCombs – Chair -Event Leader

Pam Leadbeater – Vice-Chair

Andrew Weighill – Membership Secretary

David Howatson – Treasurer

Brenda Cameron – Secretary – photographer – author.



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