The Hidden History of Childwall Woods and Fields

The Hidden History of Childwall Woods and Fields 

Childwall Woods and Fields has a history of wealthy owners who initiated the beautiful woods and left behind hidden reminders of their story. On a calm Sunday in November ’21, a group of walkers went around the site looking for evidence of the story.

The weather was at last kind to us after the strong winds of the previous week causing us to postpone the event. However, the sun made a watery appearance as we gathered by the main gates for an overview of the story behind Childwall Woods and Fields.

Photograph donated to FCWF by Mr Ray Lowe

The history page on this website will give you a detailed account of the history from Childwall Heath to today’s site, and after a brief overview of that, the group began their walk down the most noticeable of all the remains, the carriageway.

Ian Headey – Nov 14 2021

The first of a 10 point tour, the carriageway reminded us of the wonderful engineering that cut it and built it.

B. Cameron

The tour went past the Ha-ha and the site of Childwall Hall to the top field to hear about a time before there were 3 fields and why they were created.

Donated to FCWF by Mr Ray Lowe

Some of the remains were harder to find than others but the site of the second lodge, or gatehouse, has left its mark in the woodland floor and was pointed out for the walkers to explore themselves.

B. Cameron

The group headed back to the start through the Folly, with a brief look at the champion variegated oak, a symbol of the extraordinary wealth of the owners and creators of the site 200 years ago.

A few other stops took us on the round trip and the 400 years history of the site.

If you would like to join us on a history walk keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page where we will advertise all the free events on the site that are offered by Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields volunteers.

Event Leaders 

David Howatson and Brenda Cameron

Committee Present

John McCombs – Chair

Ian Heady – Volunteer Leader

David Howatson – Treasurer

Brenda Cameron – Secretary and Author

November 2021



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