Veteran Tree 2 – Beech

Woodland Trust Veteran Tree Id: 202252

Grid ref SJ 41201 88889   W3W ///sculpture.bind.flesh 

Veteran tree 2 is a beech tree that all visitors to the woods will know. It stands by the main path near to the carriageway.

  Ancient Characteristics 

Girth: 3m 57cm

There is damage to the bark and signs that historically branches have dropped

The last dropped branch left this huge scar on its trunk exposing wood rot and holes.

The last branch to drop in 2017 dropped across the main path and was the size of a 50yr old tree.

Its logs are there today giving us a beautiful show of fungus year on year.

The scars from previous branch falls have hollowed and provide homes for small creatures.

With deadwood in the crown and many holes and cavities for insects birds and small mammals, the tree is showing signs of decay. It may be 200 years old and past its best but it is a stunning veteran specimen.

B Cameron

All photographs are the author’s own.


  1. Love this, at last someone is making an effort to save our trees and woodlands. every time I go for a walk ( most days ) it seems another tree has been felled or another housing development is encroaching on our disappearing ancient woodlands. In these times of global environmental destruction surly we can save what little is left of this fantastic Eco system on our doorstep.

    • So glad you like this Sam. We are lucky to have so many beautiful old trees in Childwall Woods and because of their age, they need special care. The tree on this page already has a Tree Protection Order on it but we must ensure that special trees like this one do not get overlooked. If you look on the Ancient tree register there are very few ancient and veteran trees registered in Liverpool. We have made a start and aim to continue. Trees that have been standing over 2 centuries are special and we will do our best to recognise them and protect them. Thank you so much for caring too. Bren

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