Litter Pick 11th August 2019

The commitment and resolve of our willing workforce overcame any weather concerns with a fantastic eighteen volunteers and FCWF committee members braving the expected rain.

With sixteen bags of litter and yet another orphaned traffic cone to repurpose, the efforts of the volunteers today were clearly in evidence.

The focus was again on the Childwall triangle and the major paths and hidden hot spots within the woods.


The bin outside the fast-food takeaway was of particular note. Overfilled and overflowing behind the inner metal container it was certainly not at the time, a part of the solution.

Volunteers got stuck in clearing the accumulated debris, getting it back into use. Our efforts registered well with residents. Several told us we were doing a great job. Others responded to our mantra of “second Sunday of the month, 11:00, at the gatehouse” in good humour recognising our attempts at conditioning; and immediately agreeing to join in next time. More volunteers, more affirmation of the right values.

A quote often attributed to Einstein “Repeating the same behaviours in the hope of different outcomes is a sign of insanity.” And consequently, we must, therefore, do things differently to achieve greater progress.

The litter picking on the Childwall triangle is a fantastic demonstration of people power; as important for the message that it sends as it is for the immediate positive environmental impact. It’s not enough. It would be an exercise in futility to continue picking litter without seeking to at least reduce the amount that is deposited.

Our volunteers strive for a better Childwall and are convinced that the vast majority of citizens share the same values.

It is necessary therefore to get the message across and engage with those who litter; to nudge their behaviour in the right direction.

To this end members of the FCWF committee will be talking with local residents and business owners about the issues and seeking their positive engagement.

Conservation activities; clearing the paths, bashing the rhododendrons (the invasive varieties), planting more wildflowers, clearing the brambles. The list of potential additional or alternative activities is as endless as are the unexploited talents of our volunteers.

I am grateful to each and everyone who gave up two hours of their time today and look forward to our next foray. Second Sunday of the month, 11:00.


Chair- Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields

Committee Members present:

David Howatson
Brenda Cameron
Pam Leadbeater
Andrew Weighill
Ben Turpin
John McCombs

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