Path Clearance

Overgrown unpassable paths on Childwall Fields before work began.

Unpassable and unpleasant.

No evidence of the path that was once there.

Sunday 21/7/2019. Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields and South Childwall Residents Association undertook path clearance removing brambles and overgrowth preventing access to the lower paths close to Childwall Lane. Eleven volunteers spent a few hours persuading and encouraging nature to be more sympathetic to our custodianship.

Not Beautiful but passable after 2 hours work.

Not just the small tracks but the large paths were trimmed and tamed.

The persuasion took much effort.

Much more remains to be done and further volunteer days will be arranged.

Well done to all who took part. The public will be pleased that they will at least be able to find the paths again

Author: John McCombs – Chair, Friends of Childwall Woods and Fields.


John McCombs    Chair
Brenda Cameron  Secretary
Colin Cameron     Maintenance Team
Andrew Weighill   Secretary
David Howatson   Treasurer
Leo Sarsam          Maintenance Team
Maureen Evans    Maintenance Team
Pam Leadbeater   Vice Chair
Geoff Titchmarsh  Maintenance Team
Paula Jones          Maintenance Team
Geoff Bird              Maintenance Team

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