Orchard Planting – 5th March 2022

From the meeting at Childwall Lane to the very last stake getting knocked in, it was a glorious day.

A good turnout of volunteers met at the Childwall Lane entrance –          John McCombs  – 5/3/22


The aim of the day was to plant an orchard, and Kevin (Earthworks Liverpool) explained how we were going to do that.

Ian had sourced some apple, pear and plum trees for the orchard and everyone spaced themselves out around the field and began planting.



Families groups and  individuals carefully planted their fruit tree





It will be years before our orchard bears fruit but there will be a day when apples and pears and plums are picked on these fields. Maybe the younger of our volunteers will tell their children about the day it was planted.

Thank you to all of our volunteers.


Committee Present 

Ian Headey  –  Volunteer lead – Event Lead with Kevin Curran (Earthworks Liverpool)

John McCombs – Chair FCWF

Andrew Weighill – Membership Secretary

Brenda Cameron – Website Secretary – Author

All photographs are the author’s own unless stated otherwise

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