Wild Rose Planting

The Childwall Lane side of the site is often forgotten and left to nature, however, on Sunday 6th March it got the TLC it deserved.

It was the intention of Andrew, the event leader to plant some wild roses along the top of the wall to give Childwall Lane that ‘country lane’ feeling and 30 wild roses were provided. The three wild varieties were, Dog rose, Field rose and Sweetbriar.

Volunteers in Hi-Viz jackets along the lane and in the woods

Left to right, Andrew, Tina, June and Pam, pausing to give us a smile

The steep boundary didn’t put Tina off

Hard at it, this family have found the perfect place for a few roses

Time to move the ancient litter hidden for years in the moss. Too much for one day, the litter will have to be the focus of another event soon.

The Volunteers with their reward.

Some might say that the reward would be in the flowering of the roses through the years but we are into more immediate rewards for our volunteers.

Thanks for the scones Jeanette. Scrumptious as usual.


Committee in attendance

Andrew Weighill – Membership Secretary – Event leader

Pam Leadbeater – Vice Chair – Photographer

Ian Headey – Volunteer Lead

David Howatson – Treasurer

Brenda Cameron – Website Secretary – author


All photographs belong to Pam Leadbeater. Many thanks Pam.


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