Veteran Tree 10 – Sweet Chestnut

Woodland Trust Veteran Tree Id: 202231

Grid ref SJ41400 88801   W3W ///gentle.audit.brand

Veteran tree 10 is a large sweet chestnut just off the path near the carriageway but hidden by rhododendrons.

Ancient Characteristics

Girth: 3m 83cm

This tree is in really good condition for such a large tree. It is showing signs of its age with its bark beginning to break open, showing the beginnings of water ingress at the base.

The crown has quite a few dead and hollow branches suggesting that it has reached its full height and will get no taller.

It too has hollows and woodpecker holes in its branches suggesting it is a valuable habitat for small birds to nest inside.

The bark is still quite healthy looking and shows off an impressive trellis pattern characteristic of its species.

The youngest of the sweet chestnuts in this area near the site of Childwall Hall it could still be between 200 and  250 years old and a handsome Veteran tree.

B Cameron

All photographs are the author’s own.


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