Veteran Tree 11 – Sweet Chestnut

Woodland Trust Veteran Tree Id: 202185

Grid ref  SJ 41401 88841 W3W ///stuck.anyone.facing

Veteran tree 11 is a stunning old sweet chestnut tree situated very close to the site of the chapel that once belonged to Childwall Hall.

 Ancient Characteristics

Girth: 3m 51cm

Although not a large girth this is obviously a very old tree in the penultimate stage of life.

Its knobbly twisted character makes it aesthetically outstanding.

For those of you with Trypophobia (the irrational fear of holes), this is definitely a tree to avoid. These are not the small holes of a woodpecker that are so important in creating homes for birds, these are large cavities where branches used to be.

These are potentially the homes of owls, bats or squirrels, although all of these creatures would be too timid to show themselves to visitors.

Heartwood fungus such as this beefsteak bracket (Fistulina hepatica) is a sure sign that the wood inside this tree is being softened and hollowing is taking place.

This one appeared on the tree in autumn 2019. It is edible, but may never appear again.

As a matter of interest :

You might notice an old ceramic telephone insulator on this tree. A relic from the days when Childwall Hall used its trees as telephone poles.

Brenda Cameron

Photographs are the author’s own.


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