Veteran Tree 8 – Sweet Chestnut

Woodland Trust Veteran Tree Id: 202182

Grid ref – SJ 41398 88761    W3W /// reds.areas.sparks

Veteran Tree 8 is a tall twisted sweet chestnut, one of a group of 3 at the end of the carriageway.

Ancient Characteristics

Girth:  3m 67cm

This twisted veteran has a split bark from top to bottom exposing bare wood An irresistible invitation to woodpeckers who have their home in there along with at least one pair of nuthatches.

The base of the tree is totally exposed and home to many wood-boring and other insects.

The crown shows a high percentage of dead and hollow wood indicating that this tree has reached its maximum height and is now becoming smaller as it loses top branches.

It is in its veteran stage of life, and as well as being aesthetically pleasing it is already an important habitat for many woodland creatures.

B Cameron

All photographs are the author’s own.

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